๐Ÿ‘‹ About Me

Hi! I am Jiajun Tan๏ผˆ่ฐญๅฎถไฟŠ๏ผ‰, a second-year master student at Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by Prof. Huawei Shen and Prof. Fei Sun. My current research interests include machine unlearning and knowledge manipulating in LLMs. Before joining ICT, I received my bachelorโ€™s degree from Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Beihang University in 2022.

๐Ÿ“– Educations

  • 2022.09 - Present, Msc in Computer Science and Technology, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • 2018.09 - 2022.06, Bsc in Artificial Intelligence, Beihang University.

๐Ÿ“ Publications

WWW 2024

Unlink to Unlearn: Simplifying Edge Unlearning in GNNs

Jiajun Tan, Fei Sun, Ruichen Qiu, Du Su, Huawei Shen

The 2024 ACM Web Conference, Singapore

PDF | Code

WWW 2022

Curvature Graph Generative Adversarial Networks

Jianxin Li, Xingcheng Fu, Qingyun Sun, Cheng Ji, Jiajun Tan, Jia Wu, Hao Peng

The 2022 ACM Web Conference, Lyon, France

PDF | Code

ICDM 2021

ACE-HGNN: Adaptive Curvature Exploration Hyperbolic Graph Neural Network

Xingcheng Fu, Jianxin Li, Jia Wu, Qingyun Sun, Cheng Ji, Senzhang Wang, Jiajun Tan, Hao Peng, Philip S. Yu

2021 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, Auckland, New Zealand (Best paper candidate)

PDF | Code

arXiv Preprint

The Fall of ROME: Understanding the Collapse of LLMs in Model Editing

Wanli Yang, Fei Sun, Jiajun Tan, Xinyu Ma, Du Su, Dawei Yin, Huawei Shen

arXiv Preprint 2406.11263


๐Ÿค Services

  • Reviewer of ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR).
  • Teaching Assistant of Advanced Artificial Intelligence, UCAS 2023 Fall.

๐Ÿ’ป Internships

  • 2021.11 - 2022.06, Tencent SEC BigData Lab, Beijing.

๐Ÿ… Honors and Awards

  • 2021.10, National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of P.R.China.
  • 2022.06, Outstanding Graduate of Beijing Municipality, Beijing Municipal Education Commission.